Golden Globes 2009 My Best Dressed List

What I loved from the pictures I’ve found from the 2009 Golden Globes.

Trends on the red carpet: mermaid dresses, ruffles, neutral and pale colors – beige, white, silver, gold, “sand.”  BIG accessories, statement necklaces and earrings, cuffs etc.

(most pictures from MendesLove love love!  It looks amazing on her and I’m really into turquoise jewelry right now, so I’m seriously coveting that necklace.  Tied for first with Ms. Gyllenhaal…

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Incredible, I loooove this dress, it looks great on her.  The skirt is a little straight, but otherwise I think it’s fantastic.

Amy Adams

beautiful.  If I felt comfortable in strapless gowns I’d want this in white for my wedding.  I love the shiny details and the flowy skirt and the corseted top.  It’s great.  Also, loving her earrings.

Susan Sarandon

(from I really like the suit, this picture’s not so great, but I think she looks really great.  Maybe the top should be a little higher, but as she’s not young, I appreciate that she’s not trying to boost the girls up too unnaturally.  On someone younger, though I think it would look great.

Drew Barrymore

Her hair is a little wild, but the vintage inspired dress is great.

Ilsa Fisher

A neutral gown I love.  It looks fantastic, I like the shiny and matte and the way it sweeps.  It also looks great with her red hair. 

Mary-Louise Parker

I love the deep blue and the crossed/woven pattern in the bodice.  Fantastic.

Kate Beckinsale

So sculptural and great.  The bust is fantastic and while I’m not a huuuge fan of mermaid dresses, I think it’s necessary and perfect in this case to balance the top.  Seriously loving the earrings.

Sandara Bullock

Nice and classic looking.  Love the turquoise accessories…

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