My Golden Globes 2009 Worst Dressed List

After reading various other best and worst dressed lists I decided to create my own because I so often disagree.  (most pictures from

The Genuine Mistakes

Renee Zelweger

What?  I think the corset top alone would have been nice.  Or a better constructed sheer top.  Maybe in a halter? or just something without sleeves.  Maybe something in another color?  The skirt is lovely but from the waist up it looks like a mess (including her hair…). 

Jennifer Lopez

I have to say I”m not a fan.  The gold is nice, and I don’t mind the plunging neckline, it’s just all those things combined with the backlessness is sort of trashy.  The train is nice, and the skirt is an improvement over the Versace gown it seems to reference (even though this one is Marchesa).

Angelina Jolie

Another huge disappointment. The dress is shapeless and unflattering.  Something else would’ve been nice…

Freida Pinto 

I don’t know what’s going on here.  I like the color and it has promise, but the rolls aren’t working at all..

The Boring

Demi Moore

She looks great and all, but the dress isn’t anything special… I do love her cuffs, though…

Megan Fox

meh.  Slinky gold dress.  We get it, she’s sexy.  Not a fan of this dress, but it’s not horrible. (from

Amanda Seyfried

I really like her, she was great in Mean Girls and she’s great on Big Love, but this dress is just kind of bland.  More color might have been nice, she looks so washed out and pale.

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