Gossip Girl: Carnal Knowledge

I must say that this was one of the more exciting or interesting episodes this season (none of that fake college mumbo-jumbo or  Lily and Rufus “We have a son!?  How could you, at 18, decide to put him up for adoption?!”).  But still, the episode still came in many shades of ridiculous.


My thoughts after the jump…


To begin: let me just say Ms. Carr annoys me to no end.  I know coming from Teach for America she’s pretty idealistic and might get herself into some situations by not enforcing boundaries, but I would hope that after at least two years in a rough school, she would have learned something.

Obviously the Dan-Ms. Carr plotline was the most important and interesting of the episode.

The woman clearly knows no boundaries and has no sense of propriety.  It’s one thing for her to meet with students outside of school hours to discuss their work, but she takes it too far.  Not that Dan’s really helping much (He likes her sweater?  He remembers what she wore the day before…?) but still, she’s the adult. 

So after Blair sends the rumor (actually, I would buy this plotline.  Girls tend to spread rumors frequently, it’s more likely that most of what’s on Gossip Girl is embellished at the very least – although she did crack down during the Blair/Jenny wars of season 1) and Ms. Carr takes it to the school, she decides that she should meet Dan in an intimate coffee shop at night to, what?  Talk about how there’s a rumor going around about them?  That’s what you do when you want to get together with the person, talk about the rumor.  Also, wouldn’t that make a normal person re-think the way they behave?

I know she’s idealistic, but to get a job at Constance she would have also had to be intelligent and professional, as a result, she wouldn’t’ve broken down in front of Dan, no matter how lonely, especially since she seemed to feel comfortable enough talking to headmistress Queller last time.  Also, Serena was the one who told her about the rumor, not Dan… and she definitely wouldn’t have let him stroke her hair.

I have to say, though, Serena was right about the “scandal”.  Gossip Girl is nothing more than a stupid website, and if everyone continues to treat it like a rumor and not pay attention, it will eventually go away. 

Yes, Blair should be punished in some way, but expulsion?  That’s super-harsh, especially for a senior thisclose to college.  It was just a rumor, kids spread rumors all the time.  Suspension maybe, another detention, but Blair has a perfect record (see “School Lies” and the beginning of this episode) they wouldn’t expel her for something like that (plus, she’s at the top of her class, in to a top school and her family’s loaded).

Anyway, back to Dan and Ms. Creepy… She rightly says that she would NEVER date a student and 17 year old Dan takes offense… Ok, odd, since Dan seems to believe he’s morally superior to everyone and has the only functioning moral compass, but whatever, the worst part is that she backtracks and says “If you were older,” ok, reasonable “or not a student at the brother school” UM, so it’s cool that he’s under 18, just so long as he doesn’t go to your school? What?

This whole thing has clearly spiraled out of control because there’s a PTA meeting (oh, I’m sorry, Parents’ Council – this clearly would have happened back when Gossip Girl started, I don’t care what headmistress Queller said, someone would have complained) and Ms. Carr gets fired?  Since when does the PTA have the power to fire someone?

And so, the grande finale arrives.  Dan storms out of the house insisting that it’s all his fault (even though he’s a minor who hasn’t been trained to be a teacher) and goes to Ms. Carr’s apartment (?? I don’t know where my teachers live).  And she kisses him… STUPID, STUPID woman… And then they [presumably] have sex…

09931What are you doing?  Stop!

0997No!  Don’t go in the apartment!

1029oh no…

Oh but wait!  Ms. Carr isn’t fired!

This seems to be completely out of character for Dan.  Dan who was madly in love with Serena, Dan who was a virgin and equated sex with art, Dan who believes there’s a clear line between right and wrong and is quick to judge.  I’m not sure I buy this plotline for his character.  I buy his outrage at Blair because he believes in morals, but the indignation that he wouldn’t date her?  The blindness to his own wrongdoing?  This is the guy who got mad at Serena because the 17 year old was initially afraid to say no to her frightening, overbearing friend, who thought Jenny was becoming a monster.  HE JUST SLEPT WITH THE TEACHER.  He has from here forward lost all right to ever make moral judgments again.

And oh yeah, some other stuff happened… Chuck was accidentally invited to a secret gentleman’s club and Nate and Vanessa were cute and Dan and Serena broke up (again). She called him at the end of the episode though and I couldn’t help being reminded of Ross and Rachel’s break issue on Friends… 

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