Fashion Week fall 2009 – Diane von Furstenberg

dvff091I guess it really helps to be a full-time fashion blogger to keep up with Fashion Week.  I’ve been checking out the collections as they come out, but I haven’t had time to compile and write about everything I love.  So here’s Diane von Furstenberg…

I looove Diane von Furstenberg, she’s lovely.  I like the layers and the palate, I love the sparkly and the matte.  She always has such amazing patterns, I must admit that I’m not crazy about animal prints, but I don’t hate this outfit:

diane-von-fursenberg-f09-coatThe coat is my favorite part, but I think the color combinations are interesting and the layers are really nice.

Otherwise, I have to say these are my favorites.

diane-von-furstenberg-f09-2diane-von-furstenberg-f09-6diane-von-furstenberg-f09-5I wish I had a million dollars.

I love the shapes, I mean, I’ve always been a fan of the belted waist, so I like.  The dark colors are also really nice, seem adult yet young.

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