marc by marc jacobs

marc-by-marc-jacobs-f09Of course Marc Jacobs is king and he makes the most wonderful handbags.

However I may have to utter some blasphemous words.  The dress at left and the look at right were the only two looks I really loved.  I like the idea of the second from the left but I’m not crazy about the shape.  If I styled it I wouldn’t have tucked the pants in, I just can’t help but be reminded of sweatpants tucked into Uggs (although both MJ pieces are much, much prettier than either Uggs or sweatpants).  I would prefer a cleaner line, heels or flats, but not as much bunching.

Now that I’ve been blasphemous, I will gush.

I loooooooooooove the scarves.  Maybe it’s because I’m in Paris, but I consider scarves essential these days.  The socks and the boots remind me of the fall ’07 collection which I absolutely adored and wanted just about every piece.

Without question the fourth look is my favorite.  I might wear different tights, but I like the rugged chic look.  The scarf looks nice and cozy.  I waaaant.

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  1. Posted by Tiffany on February 20, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    hi hi hi, i loooooooove your blog!

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