luella-f09Some lovely looks from Luella Bartley, in synch with her usual rock/punk/prep look.

I like the silhouettes, they’re a different kind of feminine.  The first look isn’t necessarily the most flattering, but I like the ideas.  Maybe a t-shirt with the skirt or the sweater with jeans or a more circular skirt.

I loooooove the second look.  I’m not sure I could wear it, but I love the shine on the pants and the cut.  It’s all perfectly disheveled and that wonderful British prep that I very much prefer over American prep.

I like the ideas of the third look.  The skirt, the snaps/detailing on the shirt, the cap.  And of course the long gloves, I wish more people wore gloves.  I’m not crazy about the sheer sleeves, though.

And the last look, maybe with some more rock and roll boots would be amazing.  I love the dress, the studs, the zipper, the length, the fun cut.  I also like the shirt, it’s not exactly my style, but the trim is lovely.


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