Douglas Hannant


So I must say Douglas Hannant is another designer I’d never heard of before this season.  I really liked some of collection he presented at NYF this season, so I thought I’d look a little further into him.

New York Magazine calls him “a favorite among the Park Avenue set since his first collection in 1996…” which at first made me die a little because I don’t especially want to be associated with “the Park Avenue set,” but then I realized that living in Paris has had that effect on me.  I’m not going to look for Chanel-inspired tweedy suits anytime soon, but my style has definitely taken a turn for the more simplistic, adult, Parisienne style that could also be associated with Park ave.

Unfortunately, the bio on his website is even more depressing, but the fall collection was lovely. says Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a “rather unsurprising muse for Fall” for Hannant.

I guess I can see the Audrey Hepburn inspiration in the sleek shifts (here, here and here), yet I think the slightly unstable Holly Golightly would have been bored with some of the pieces (here, here and here) .  While some looks were definitely too old or not me, many of them looked wonderfully, effortlessly chic.  

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