Charles Anastase

charles-anastase-f09I don’t know anything about London based-designer Charles Anastase, and apparently I’m not the only one because when I went to my normal channels to do some research (, there wasn’t a whole lot of information.

All had to say is that he’s an “up-and-coming” designer.  So I googled around and found his bio on the London Fashion Week website.  In my googling, I think the important/interesting things I found were an interest in Victorian styles and the 90s.  Also that this season’s program notes spouted some pretty heavy information on his inspiration and goals.

I guess it’s too bad I missed grunge the first time around, because even my new parisian fashion interest can’t keep me from loving it (yay, yay, yay).  So it’s nice that Charles Anastase decided to take an autobiographical approach and recreate the grunge moment on the runway (especially since everyone else seems to be into the 80s this season and I don’t want to visit that period).

Although some specific pieces weren’t exactly up my alley (not really digging the sheer pants and skirts), I liked the layers and the over all rock and roll vibe (see here and here).


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