dsquaredc2b21Can I just say that I loved the Starbucks and BlackBerries (BlackBerrys?) on the runway?

I am, of course, an admirer of the Olsen twins’ brand of LA Bobo disheveled chic and I love that Dsquared2 embraced that this season and had their models pretend to be on the streets rather than the catwalk.

Oh the layering!  The rock and roll!  The hair!  The fit!  I loved it.  I would include the whole show if I thought I had the space, but you can check it out here.

I wish I could look this cool and disheveled.  I guess it’s in the layers?  They have to fit right and peek out just so.  Or maybe I’m overanalyzing… That third look up top may be one of my favorites, but I guess the reason I’d never get there is I’d never think to wear two jackets, a sweater and a shirt at once.  Doesn’t it get too hot?

My next favorite I think is the dress in the first picture, it’s sexy and casual and it doesn’t look like it’s trying to hard.  I’m always looking for great winter dresses and I always have trouble finding them.  Of course I couldn’t go bare-legged in the winter and I guess that might ruin part of the look.

Basically, I’m in love.  I wish they would style me every morning.  It would be wonderful…

More looks I’m lusting after:

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