Gossip Girl: The Age of Dissonance


I was so underwhelmed by this week’s return of Gossip Girl that I didn’t really feel like writing this, but meh.

I intend to ignore the Chuck storyline, because as much as I like him, his storyline is completely random and uninteresting.


To start:

Dan’s really writing Rachel a note?  I would say it’s because they banned cell phones, but all the girls clearly have theirs, so is this old-school throwback in honor of Edith Wharton, or just to cause trouble?  It’s romantic, but impractical.  They could have actual voice-on-voice contact via cell phones, or what about a text message?  I thought that was part of the point of the show.


I sort of buy Yale rescinding Blair’s acceptance for bad behavior, but kind of not, because she’s so perfect otherwise.  I think with her record they probably would have let it slide.  Also, why do shows have to make up rules to create drama?  Yalee would definitely take more than one student.


Does Jenny want Dan to get caught?  She didn’t do a very good job of keeping her father from seeing the note.  She let him open it and read it…  Isn’t the key excessive?  What’s wrong with knocking?  It actually makes her extra skeezy to me.


On Serena and the director: hasn’t anyone learned from Dan’s mistake?  I know he’s not really her teacher, but why tempt fate?  Haven’t they learned that teachers and students shouldn’t hang out off campus?  And they all ordered wine?  I guess some places don’t ask for fakes and he’s kind of pretentious so he might not think about it or care, but eh?  It’s really sweet the way Vanessa tried to prop up Serena, and I really liked her disgust when he got up to pay (um, what?  He paid and they didn’t say anything?).  And finally, he’s going to Serena’s house?  Honestly!


Rufus and Dan have a fairly lame fight.  However, it’s good to know Dan is 18, so even though Rachel is a creeper with no morals, at least she’s not breaking the law.


Ah the Cyrano plot… they pulled it off fairly well, and that was a very pretty Bluetooth, but still, this is the problem with these things – what is she going to do?  Live with her bluetooth and have Vanessa on the phone all the time?  Besides, pretentious guys like him just need a cue and then they ramble on for hours.

Oh the Gossip Girl blast…  Poor S., too bad that got out, but she didn’t want to go to Yale anyway, and Brown didn’t put out a press release, so…


Oh Dan and Rachel… what the fuck is she wearing?  Her style is not up to Gossip Girl standards.  Argyle cardigan, cheap looking spaghetti strap top?  Wouldn’t she be extra careful these days?  Or is she dressing up for Dan?  God, Dan, why can’t you give this up, you’re pathetic, “I can’t help myself, am I supposed to pretend that I’m not feeling what I’m feeling?”  Why is he kissing her wrist?  I guess it’s romantic, but what’s really hot is that look in his eye.  Too bad the woman doesn’t deserve it…


Nice Evil Eye from Blair to Dan but stupid chuckle from Dan.  I’m not sure why he would be so cocky.


I think this Julian character is the best douche bag character they’ve introduced.  Except when he’s a true JERK to Nate, haven’t we learned that when you assume you make an ASS of yourself?  And that whole button pushing thing is BS.


Did Dan use the lines from the play on Miss Carr!?  Oh she is an English teacher…


Hasn’t Dan learned anything these last two years in Serena’s world?  Information is very powerful and one shouldn’t bandy it about, giving it away willy-nilly to the first person who intelligently discusses literature and sleeps with her students.  Damaging information like that should be taken to the grave… It’s too tempting


Ah the production: Dan couldn’t have prompted Nate with a country?  He just repeated the line which clearly wasn’t working for Nate.  Nice emotional scene for Nate, especially when he comes back on stage, that was my favorite part.  Dan, is the asshat for trying to bring people back on track… but he totally would.  Yay Nate for taking him down.  (BTW, asshat is one of my favorite insults.)


Yay for Vanessa laughing when she asks Nate what’s wrong and while trying to explain.  Boo for Nate getting so hurt over it.  I guess it kind of makes sense.

Dan and Rachel again: good for his morals kicking in again, even if they are annoying.  And boo Rachel sending Gossip Girl blasts, I buy her calling Yale, but not writing to Gossip Girl.  And why does she want to hurt Serena?  Isn’t getting Blair kicked out of Yale enough?


I love Dan’s line “And we had sex in the costume closet” awesome.


Blair and Rachel: Blair would so not be moved by that speech, in any way.  Maybe afterwards, but she should say something snarky or harsh to make Miss Carr feel worse.


Yay Nate and Vanessa – cuddling on the couch watching ESPN, and the way he looks at her and says the movie is heartbreaking… so adorable!  I’m glad they finally get interesting and worthwhile screen time.


Why is Rufus eating ice cream out of the container?  And why is he so understanding?  And why does Dan say such douche-y things like “you need to give me space to make my own mistakes”?  “I’m 18, I do what I want” is much more convincing.


I can see Blair learning karma, that makes sense in some way, especially after things have sort of come full circle and she’s kicked out of Yale for good (what does that mean, anyway?  Really?  What are the writers going to cook up for her post-high school years?  She didn’t apply anywhere else, remember?) but I don’t think it would’ve kicked in for while Rachel was breaking down in front of her.


And, finally, poor Chuck, it’s the peonies thrown into the elevator all over again…


This episode was comparable to the one at the beginning of the season (The Serena also Rises).  It followed a pretty strong episode with a great ending (I was going to say climax, but that sounded to dirty…), I mean, that stare, the shake of the head, the kiss off… so perfect, but nothing really came of it.  I guess after they finished up Rachel checked her Blackberry and they talked about it, but why was there no panic?  Why couldn’t we see it?  It just didn’t live up to my expectations.  But maybe I expect too much.


As interesting as the parallels with the characters in the play were, it was distracting.  It was a stupid vehicle/setting.  Plus it meant no realistic wardrobes…


Meh, I don’t have a lot of feelings on this one.  But I want it to be next week so that I can see another episode anyway…


What will happen to Blair?  College?  Is she going to run off around the world with Carter?


Will Chuck give up on Blair?


Will Dan and Serena stop being so annoying?

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  1. Posted by Claire on March 18, 2009 at 4:27 am

    Yay! I’m so happy that Elle is gone, but I hate the fact that Blair is getting involved with Carter, and maybe getting back together with Nate. Then again part of me wouldn’t mind seeing Chuck fighting for Blair. Really glad the show is back on.

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