Whatever Happened, Happened

So I haven’t written about Gossip Girl in two weeks, and that’s because I don’t really feel like it’s especially interesting to write about.  

The only things I have to say about this week’s episode are these:

Glad someone finally admitted the Humphrey’s loft is worth as much as it is.  Four years of Yale tuition and then some.

Unsurprised at Jenny, we knew she has issues.

Blair+Nate = ? wtf?  This can’t possibly mean anything exciting for Blair.  It’s kind of like when Ryan dated Lindsey or Taylor on the OC.  He belonged with Marissa and everything else just felt like a waste of time, especially because they made him so boring….

Anyway.  Lost fans know what the title refers to, it was last night’s episode.  I don’t pretend that I have anything exciting to say about Lost, but I have questions that I want to share, hopefully you find them interesting, but either way, my friends over here don’t watch lost and there’s a 6-7 hour time difference with everyone who does, so I’m just going to blog.I’m really glad we found out what happened to Aaron.  I think the idea that Kate needed him makes some sense, because she never seemed like the maternal sort, all her running around and illegal activity.  But I don’t really know that I buy Sawyer jumping because he knew things wouldn’t work out with Kate, plenty of people have relationships and break up (hello Kate and Jack).

But anyway, does this mean that Claire is really alive?  Why are the writers ignoring this part of the story for so long.  I know people are pointing to screen shots that show her with Christian (her father too), but what does that mean?  Is Christian dead?  Or like Locke, did he come back to life on the Island?  Why would Claire leave to go be with Christian and not take Aaron?

Can they really not change history?  I’m assuming the scene with Richard means that this is the point where Ben “goes bad,” so if they’d said no and taken Ben back and told Jack and he did the surgery, would everything be different?  Or would it be like Desmond and Charlie, and the Island/the Others/Richard would find another way to get Ben?

How are they going to get (pardon, but there’s no other way to say it) back to the future?  Are they going to turn the wheel again?  Has the wheel been built yet?  Is that “the incident” at the Swan?

Is that incident also the cause of the baby problems?

Where did Faraday go?  I know Charlotte was driving him crazy, is he on another part of the island, or is he off in the rest of the world in the ’70s?  Is he Penny’s brother?  (half or full – we don’t know anything about her mother, do we?)  Ellie and Whidmore were on the island together…

What’s going to happen to Sayid?  How is Sun going to get to the 70s?  Does the fact that she and Ben and Locke stayed in the present mean that the island didn’t need her?  Why were Walt and Michael allowed to go?  Wasn’t Walt special?  Wouldn’t the Island want him?  Are we ever going to find out what that means?

What happened to Desmond and Penny and little Charlie?  Did Ben get to them or did they kick is ass and that’s why he was bloody on a pay-phone at the Marina?

I’ll stop, we all have tons of questions about Lost.  With only another season and a half to go, they’d better stop introducing new problems and start answering more questions.  And not in the lame way Richard answered the “why didn’t Ben remember Sayid” on last night’s episode.  It would’ve been so much more interesting if he did remember Sayid… Then you’d have the reason Ben tortured Sayid with all the killing post-Island…

Ok, stopping, I promise.

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