I’m a contact lens wearer.  I never wear my glasses, but recently I’m starting to wish I wore them sometimes – when my eyes are tired, when it’s early, when I’m running late.  The problem is that I don’t especially like my glasses (also, there’s something wrong with them so they make me kind of sick if I wear them for too long.).  So I’m in the market for some new glasses.

I’m a fan of the go big or go home school of thought.  I’m not really looking for some discreet frames, I sort of feel like going for the whole hipster nerd glasses.  Here are some inspiration photos:

fabsugarwhitney port

Whitney Port at the airport (from TeamSugar) truly going big or going home – big and pink.


Some thick black frames, standard-issue hipster wear. (from


Again, going big or going home… Fun colors.  (from The Fashion Spot)

madonna and lourdes team sugar

Madonna and Lourdes, apparently wearing the same glasses (fake – no prescription – the line of the cheek is uninterrupted). (from teamsugar)

Urban Outfitters Faded readers

“Faded Readers” from Urban Outfitters.  We all know Wayfarers have reached overplayed-dom, but still, I kinda like these.  However, Wayfarers always look terrible on me.


UO Lady Readers

“Lady Readers” also from Urban Outfitters.  Very similar to the ones above, but I think these might work better because they have a more evenly shaped frames.  Wayfarers sort of point to my cheeks in a strange way.


Chanel glasses

Some Chanel glasses that might be interesting, but clearly out of my price range, considering that I’d wear them out of the house once every few months…


Delias Emmy Fade glasses

From, reminiscent of Whitney’s, they’re sunglasses, but I bet I could have them replaced with clear prescription lenses.

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