Spring: the first part of the alphabet

So I’m going through all the spring collections again to see what I missed (which is a lot because I didn’t have regular access to the internet during fashion week) and here are some of my finds (that I didn’t already post):

(pictures from style.com)

Antonio Beardi

Antonio Beardi s09

Too young and no real reason for a suit, but maybe someday.  So classy but casual but cool.

Barbara Tfank

Barbara Tfank s09

A little girlier than I normally do, but I like the cut of the pants and I think the jacket/top is cute.

Charles Nolan

Charles Nolan s09 3 

Super cool…

Danielle Scutt

 Danielle Scutt s09 2

Casual and easy to copy, shorts are sort of unflattering though, I’d go for something a little better.

Diane von Furstenberg

 Diane von Furstenberg s09

Very pretty, I like the metallic skirt.

Diesel Black Gold

 Diesel Black Gold s09 3

Diesel Black Gold s09 4

Both in the vein of rock and roll prep which I love.  Not crazy about the jeans in the second picture, but the first one is great, I wish I had the nerve to mix patterns like that.

Dries van Noten

Dries Van Noten s09

Maybe a little dressy/preppy for me,but it feels like summer…


Gap s09 2

I guess I need a pair of colored jeans for spring…

Hanii Y

Hanii Y s09 3

And of course, the basic white…

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  1. love the simple classic chicness of these outfits


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