Great Spring Pieces II

So here’s the second half of the awesome pieces for spring.  Some overlap, great pieces.

Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson s09 6

Pretty florals on the top.  Might make an interesting DIY.


Modernist s09

Pretty pretty dress.  I like the cutouts, they’re so nice and swirly, and the white is lovely for spring.

Moschino Cheap and Chic

Moschino Cheap & Chic s09 2

Beautiful pattern.  It’s pretty without being too girly, and the shape’s great too, casual but breezy.

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller s09

Great colors, I love the color combinations, especially the cardigan.

Peter Som

Peter Som s09 2

Great blue dress.  Wonderful shape and the belt(s) are great.


Tibi s09

Amazing orange.  It looks especially great with her skintone and the shoes are great.

Sue Stemp

Sue Stemp s09

I absolutely love the shorts, the cut is great, not super tight not too super short but still sexy.  The top is also really nice, great floaty look, pretty detailing that’s not overwhelming.  Just great.


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