Les Ongles

So I’m not the biggest nail-polish person, especially in the summer, but I’ve recently found myself obsessed.  As in, I spent far too long combing AllLacqueredUp.com looking for the perfect shades.

I like painting my nails in the winter because I’m a huge fan of the dark colors – deep reds, blues and purples – the almost blacks and gunmetal grays.

So after all my searching, I wound up with the following:

(All images from AllLacqueredUp.com)

Somewhere I got the urge for a pale blue nail polish.  I’m not sure where, but I finally decided on Color Club Blue Light.

blue light

In addition to blue, my love of turquoise sent me searching for a teal/turquoise color.  I found a few that I liked, but I wound up with China Glaze Custom Kicks

Custom Kicks

Some of the other possibilities – which I couldn’t find to buy were For Audrey (which I adore, but alas, it was not to be):


and Essie’s Greenpoint


I’ve also been looking for a navy blue, which was kind of hard to decide on, since I already have a decent collection of deep colors, like OPI’s Russian Navy

russian navy

So in the end I picked Misa’s A Sin Worth Committing as my lighter alternative

sin worth committing

And last, but not least, I saw this girl with really cute pink nails so I had to get in on the look.  I picked Essie’s Hard to Get for some Barbie-esque nails.

Hard to get

We’ll see how everything turns out…  Be sure to check out AllLacqueredUp if you’re looking for some nail inspiration.


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