Cute vs. Too Sexy?

So I saw this look on and I was immediately in love.


I love the skirt, the blouse, and most of all the stockings.  Which brought me to my conundrum.  I usually think of thigh-highs as ultra-sexy bedroom attire, not casual street-wear, but I think it works.  Still part of me fears that it’s far too sexy.

However, why is it sexier than some of these looks (after the jump):



(also from

Are thigh highs really that much sexier than super short cutoffs?  It’s a hard distinction to draw, I suppose.  Is it because they’re lingerie?  The shorts in the second picture and the skirt in the first picture are the same length, but I’m more inclined to think that the outfit in the second picture is something I’m less inclined to wear based on length.  I still get stuck on the thigh-highs.  Could I really leave the house in them?

I’m aware that most of this is my issue with modesty, but still curious.


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