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Just a quick post to show you a little bit from Istanbul…


(The Blue Mosque – from my cell phone)


(Aya Sofya – also from my cell phone) 


(At the Topkapi palace)

For more pictures (and bigger, too)

endless amusement

So I don’t usually go in big for these inter-web sites that post funny things.  I’m not into all the Youtube videos and such, but I was directed to two sites today that made me laugh out loud for hours and I felt I should share the love and happiness.

first is Failblog which I think I’m very late to the table with, but it’s fun, although I think a lot of it’s photoshopped, but whatever.

And my new favorite, Cake Wrecks.  There are of course, beautiful cakes, and also some messed up cakes that are just priceless.  This post made me laugh especially hard, specifically this cake – the commentary helps make it funnier, also, it might be bedtime.


So, Fashion month is finally over (or at least the major shows are).

In the end, I’ve gathered 167 pictures from the shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

I have to go through all those images and sort them and paste them together in order to present them, but generally I’m looking forward to fall.  Not that I can afford anything I saw on the runway.

In the meantime, some nice images from the Sartorialist:





Break from fashion

I just wanted to share some other stuff I’ve found recently that has nothing to do with fashion (unless you want to argue that fashion is an art from and that this is kind of about art).

A while back I saw this great short film by Javier Tellez in which he brought a group of blind people to an empty pool in Brooklyn and let them touch an elephant and then describe it to the camera.  It was really awesome, I can’t find it anywhere online though, so you’ll have to keep your eyes out for it.  It’s based on the Indian parable “the blind men and the elephant” and it’s fascinating.

So I clicked on a link on someone’s facebook page today and I got this:

which was fun to watch because elephants are amazing and I can’t paint that well.  (if you search on Youtube there are tons of videos of elephants painting.

Earlier today I saw this on Jezebel and whether or not it’s worth a lot of money, I really like her paintings

I guess what I have to take away from this is that I have to shut down the filter.

Anyway, just wanted to share.