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from on inauguration day

From on inauguration day. 

And from Veet as seen on Brand Strategy

veets ad... on inauguration day...

Ding dong the witch is dead

Cheney moves boxes?  Somehow I think THIS is more likely the sort of thing that hurt his back…

I wish I could be there…

but then again maybe not….  Do you see the 5:21 am time stamp?

To Ugg or not to Ugg?

The debate rages on in my head.  When I got my first glimpse of a pair of Uggs I thought they were Ugg-ly, hence the name.  However, as they became more and more ubiquitous, they grew on me.  I can’t decide if it’s ok that they grew on me or if I just gave in to a trend.  Where is that line anyway?  And if you end up liking it, does it really matter?

Regardless, did you ever think a respectable fashion magazine (for adults) would endorse Uggs as essential or standard in a wardrobe?  Neither did I until a few days ago… read more to see who endorsed them.

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Little J at the gym?

Gossip Girl here, Teen Vogue posted an interview with Little J that they apparently conducted at the gym… (click)

Worth checking out for the awkward quotes and photos (that look like they were taken by an intern).

Jail-bait Jenny:

Classy belly button ring, Blair wouldn’t approve.

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Golden Globes 2009 My Best Dressed List

What I loved from the pictures I’ve found from the 2009 Golden Globes.

Trends on the red carpet: mermaid dresses, ruffles, neutral and pale colors – beige, white, silver, gold, “sand.”  BIG accessories, statement necklaces and earrings, cuffs etc.

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My Golden Globes 2009 Worst Dressed List

After reading various other best and worst dressed lists I decided to create my own because I so often disagree.  (most pictures from

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