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Why not?

So everybody’s been talking about the whole blogs vs. magazines issue and it’s something I’ve thought about a lot.

I subscribe to a lot of magazines – Elle, Bazaar, Nylon, British Vogue, Jalouse, Glamour, Teen Vogue – and I regularly read others like In Style and (shamefully) Cosmo.

I also read a lot of blogs, at least 40. (Thank god for Bloglovin)

What I look for is inspiration for my life.  I follow the runway shows during Fashion Week/Month on and, so I’m not looking for anyone to show me what happened on the runways.  Also, while I appreciate fashion as art, that’s not so much my interest.

Editors and fashion critics seem to be upset that people are turning to blogs because bloggers have no experience from which to judge beyond their personal preferences, and because editors believe that bloggers are being bought off by designers.  (See here, especially the last two paragraphs)

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Cute vs. Too Sexy?

So I saw this look on and I was immediately in love.


I love the skirt, the blouse, and most of all the stockings.  Which brought me to my conundrum.  I usually think of thigh-highs as ultra-sexy bedroom attire, not casual street-wear, but I think it works.  Still part of me fears that it’s far too sexy.

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