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The Other Part of Spring (Part I)

So I may not have had time to finish the post I started about Spring, I realized I could start the other post I meant to do about Spring.

As I may have mentioned before, my big problem with Spring/Summer fashion is that it often comes down to great pieces. In the winter, you can recreate looks from the runway much more easily (I think, anyway). Obviously, there are knockout pieces every season, but since we tend to wear less in the spring and summer (or you do if you live in a climate as disgusting as I do) it gets harder to imitate.

The first batch of pictures I posted of the first half of the alphabet were looks I felt one could recreate and use for inspiration. This post is about the amazing pieces that walked the runway (though designers whose names begin with the letter M anyway).

To start off I have Andrew Gn. I have to say I really loved this collection. My folder has 15 of the 48 outfits from his show, which is far more than I usually save of any designer.

Andrew Gn s09 4

The first look could perhaps be recreated, but I think it looks so amazing in the show that I’m including it here. It’s a great mini dress that’s not too scandalous and has great embellishments (although they might be considered more than embellishments). I suppose I could go find a nice little t-shirt dress and some major jewelry, but I think this stands in the “amazing piece” category.

Andrew Gn s09 5

Here’s a great print – especially after Turkey. The arabesques are great, the colors are beautiful and the fit is perfect for summer.

Andrew Gn s09 7

This last one is on the formal side, but I thought the color combination was spectacular and the pattern on the jacket is wonderful – as is the adorable purple dress underneath. Awesome pieces, hands down.

Ann Demeulemeester s09 5

Next in the alphabet is Ann Demeulemeester. She showed a bunch of pieces with this pattern but I think this dress is my favorite. The cut is fun and casual and the print is great.

Etro s09 3

We’ll skip a few letters and jump to E for Etro (I’m sorry, did you really want me to feature something from Balmain? That trend was worn to death during fashion week – check the links on the side for some articles with which I agree wholeheartedly about Balmain). Anyway – this sparkly Etro dress would be great for a summer evening – and you could also wear it in the winter with tights? Regardless, while you could buy a three-quarter sleeved mini-dress in green, it wouldn’t be the same as this number.

Gucci s09

G is for Gucci and this purple caftan/cover-up/billowy maxi-dress would be great for the beach. Enough said.

Jaeger London also had a lot of great looks on the runway. A lot of great dresses and tops. I picked these two because I like them the best.

Jaeger London s09 3

First, the colors are great, the pale green and the vibrant purple – awesome. Also love the patterned pants. Very daring. I think it just looks great for summer – but the look wouldn’t be right with solid-colored pants or a matte fabric. I think it’s these pieces that make the look special.

Jaeger London s09 2

And another wonderfully patterned billowing dress. Just great – I love it.

Matthew Williamson s09 2

M is for Matthew Williamson. I love Matthew Williamson and I’m super bummed that I haven’t had a chance to go to H&M yet to check out the collection. Either way, this is a great dress.