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I’m a contact lens wearer.  I never wear my glasses, but recently I’m starting to wish I wore them sometimes – when my eyes are tired, when it’s early, when I’m running late.  The problem is that I don’t especially like my glasses (also, there’s something wrong with them so they make me kind of sick if I wear them for too long.).  So I’m in the market for some new glasses.

I’m a fan of the go big or go home school of thought.  I’m not really looking for some discreet frames, I sort of feel like going for the whole hipster nerd glasses.  Here are some inspiration photos:

fabsugarwhitney port

Whitney Port at the airport (from TeamSugar) truly going big or going home – big and pink.


Some thick black frames, standard-issue hipster wear. (from


Again, going big or going home… Fun colors.  (from The Fashion Spot)

madonna and lourdes team sugar

Madonna and Lourdes, apparently wearing the same glasses (fake – no prescription – the line of the cheek is uninterrupted). (from teamsugar)

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