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When I get home, it really won’t be the time to redecorate my room (I’m going to be a senior in college next year) but I can’t help wanting to anyway.  I mean, my room hasn’t really changed since I was in 9th grade (when I painted the pastel purple walls sky blue) and a lot of my things still suffer from middle school.  So at the very least I’m painting some furniture.

Regardless, I like shopping for ideas, and here are some images I liked…


I can’t construct a platform in the middle of my room and I don’t really have room for a lounge, but maybe one day (all though I might be more inclined to get something more couch like.



This just looks like such a cozy bedroom nook.  I think the morning light helps, but I think that would be a fun room, or bed nook.


It’s a little too red for me, but I like the canopy and the wrought iron frame that doesn’t look super cheesy.


The Shore Club in Miami, I’ve never been, but I like all the lanterns and pillows and the way it’s curtained in.  I want to put up curtains in my room but I don’t need the privacy, there’s a fan in the middle of the ceiling and the ceiling slopes on two sides, so…  Plus my room’s really not big enough for a curtain to make any sort of sense, it would just divide up the room.

I guess my influence is pretty clear, a sort of Indian/Middle Eastern decor.  I wouldn’t want to go too overboard, but a theme wouldn’t be bad.  I know I’m not ending up anywhere like this for my first apartment (Ikea chic, I guarantee) but I guess that’s where touches come in – sheer curtains, lanterns? candles? patterns? colors?  We’ll see…

(I’m sorry I don’t remember all the exact sources for the images, the Shore Club image is from their site, the one of the hallway is from a Moroccan rental company and the others are either from Domino or my new favorite decorating blog Rang Decor.  At least I’m pretty sure that’s where they’re all from…)