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Gossip Girl: Carnal Knowledge

I must say that this was one of the more exciting or interesting episodes this season (none of that fake college mumbo-jumbo or  Lily and Rufus “We have a son!?  How could you, at 18, decide to put him up for adoption?!”).  But still, the episode still came in many shades of ridiculous.


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Renewed faith

The beginnings of Gitmo

There was no reason not to believe that our egregious treatment of detainees was the Bush administration’s fault, but it’s nice to read how the military initially reacted to the task at hand (managing detainees) and to highlight exactly where the blame needs to fall – not on the servicemen and women, but the civilian administrators who ordered harsh treatment and denied the Geneva convention.

Even though I knew that the Obama administration would be a huuge change in tone and message from the Bush administration, it’s always nice to get shining reminders of that fact and to realize we’re hopefully returning to an America with integrity.

Ding dong the witch is dead

Cheney moves boxes?  Somehow I think THIS is more likely the sort of thing that hurt his back…

I wish I could be there…

but then again maybe not….  Do you see the 5:21 am time stamp?

Little J at the gym?

Gossip Girl here, Teen Vogue posted an interview with Little J that they apparently conducted at the gym… (click)

Worth checking out for the awkward quotes and photos (that look like they were taken by an intern).

Jail-bait Jenny:

Classy belly button ring, Blair wouldn’t approve.

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