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Great Spring Pieces II

So here’s the second half of the awesome pieces for spring.  Some overlap, great pieces.

Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson s09 6

Pretty florals on the top.  Might make an interesting DIY.


Modernist s09

Pretty pretty dress.  I like the cutouts, they’re so nice and swirly, and the white is lovely for spring.

Moschino Cheap and Chic

Moschino Cheap & Chic s09 2

Beautiful pattern.  It’s pretty without being too girly, and the shape’s great too, casual but breezy.

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller s09

Great colors, I love the color combinations, especially the cardigan.

Peter Som

Peter Som s09 2

Great blue dress.  Wonderful shape and the belt(s) are great.


Tibi s09

Amazing orange.  It looks especially great with her skintone and the shoes are great.

Sue Stemp

Sue Stemp s09

I absolutely love the shorts, the cut is great, not super tight not too super short but still sexy.  The top is also really nice, great floaty look, pretty detailing that’s not overwhelming.  Just great.

Fun for Fall

Today put up their list of the must-haves for fall 2009.

Obviously lists like this are pretty subjective, or at least they should be in a world with free-will.  But regardless, I look to the runway for inspiration and their picks aren’t bad.

Their lis with my opinions (photos after the jump):

1. Something faux – I would definitely say that fur faux or real is very of-the-moment – it’s everywhere on the streets.

2. Over-the-knee boots – see here

3. Something sexy – I’m not sure this is a trend – didn’t Justin already bring sexy back?

4. Color – I do like color, but in general I would say I don’t see this one sticking in New York or Paris

5. Something draped – This one isn’t on my must-have list, but ok, draping is flattering.

6. Leather Jacket – I would call this a classic, so it’s always a must-have.  I saw a ton of great jackets this season, and I’m still in search of one for myself.

7. Strong-shouldered jacket – meh, I’m not a fan of the 80s.  If you’re purely following trends, then this a definite must-have, I’m a little more hesitant.

8. Something surreal – um really?

9. Decorated leg – again, not sure on this one.  I’d like to change it, I think trousers would be better for this list.  I’ll post on it later, perhaps.

10. Something studded – ALWAYS.  Studs make almost anything better.

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