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Whatever Happened, Happened

So I haven’t written about Gossip Girl in two weeks, and that’s because I don’t really feel like it’s especially interesting to write about.  

The only things I have to say about this week’s episode are these:

Glad someone finally admitted the Humphrey’s loft is worth as much as it is.  Four years of Yale tuition and then some.

Unsurprised at Jenny, we knew she has issues.

Blair+Nate = ? wtf?  This can’t possibly mean anything exciting for Blair.  It’s kind of like when Ryan dated Lindsey or Taylor on the OC.  He belonged with Marissa and everything else just felt like a waste of time, especially because they made him so boring….

Anyway.  Lost fans know what the title refers to, it was last night’s episode.  I don’t pretend that I have anything exciting to say about Lost, but I have questions that I want to share, hopefully you find them interesting, but either way, my friends over here don’t watch lost and there’s a 6-7 hour time difference with everyone who does, so I’m just going to blog. Continue reading

Inauguration fever

Although I am in Paris, I had a wonderful inauguration evening.  I watched it in a crowded Canadian bar full of American students.  It was the quietest I’ve ever heard a crowded bar.

The oath upset me, I already don’t like Justice Roberts, why couldn’t he get it right?  This is one GOOD thing he might do in his career and he flubbed it.

I thought the speech was good, but not as moving as some of his others.

Here’s my post-mortem

Did Obama really sport a bullet-resistant suit? (that was the article I got to following links from other websites, I have no idea if it’s true or not)

The speech Obama gave Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial was also a good one…

My favorite moment (which was actually after the fact):

The first couple’s first dance to Beyonce’s cover of “At Last” (which was really quite good).  I know it’s more of a love song, but I like the double meaning and how happy they look dancing. 

All in all, as exciting as it would have been to be in Washington, I wouldn’t’ve gone down to the Mall, it was waaaay too cold and crowded.  I mean, traffic jams at 5 am?  There’s a much better view from the TV…

To Ugg or not to Ugg?

The debate rages on in my head.  When I got my first glimpse of a pair of Uggs I thought they were Ugg-ly, hence the name.  However, as they became more and more ubiquitous, they grew on me.  I can’t decide if it’s ok that they grew on me or if I just gave in to a trend.  Where is that line anyway?  And if you end up liking it, does it really matter?

Regardless, did you ever think a respectable fashion magazine (for adults) would endorse Uggs as essential or standard in a wardrobe?  Neither did I until a few days ago… read more to see who endorsed them.

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