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Two Strains

So I’m dealing with a split fashion personality.  

There’s the adult, classy, put-together style, and there’s the hipster, boho, just-rolled-out-of-bed look and I love both of them.

So I’ll start with the classy.  Big trend is the skinny jeans tucked into boots.  (Like this: Michael Kors fall ’06 collection)

michael kors 3

(picture from

I see this everywhere, on everyone.  I still wonder how people get their jeans to be so smoothly tucked – but that’s beside the point.

Here’s another look.  Very simple pieces, understated colors, black.  From the Loeffler Randall fall 2009 lookbook.

loeffler randall f09

120307_L4L_rachel bilson_200X400

The always lovely Rachel Bilson.  I don’t exactly think there’s anything special about the outfit, but she looks chic and classy.  Again, simple pieces, muted colors (except for the shoes, which are a nice addition) very nice.

And here’s Adeline_R – a Chictopia user.  Great simple look, nice sweater/jacket, t-shirt with a cute pattern, nice skinny jeans…  Nice jewelry too.



Chictopia user ClassyTrash in a nice layered look, a good mix of textures too.

Then there’s the hipster, disheveled look.  I guess I hesitate on this one because attitude is so important and I’m afraid of looking like I’m a fake (to be perfectly honest).  But regardless, I think these people look pretty cool.

JuanChaIsDead on Chictopia


n00dles chictopia

Chictopia user n00dles


Dree Hemingway, simple, but still cool.  The slouchy top(s) and the great skinny jeans.

bs08And of course, one of the queens of disheveled-chic, Mary-Kate Olsen.  Sorry the picture is kind of messed up, but you can still see the main idea…

Anyway, just wanted to share.


I want…

Some inspiration for right now…

Anne Hathaway in Spain

Here’s Anne Hathaway looking lovely and warm. I’m not crazy about the hat but I really like the scarf and the plaid shirt.

The always chic Rachel Bilson

Of course everyone loves Rachel Bilson and this is sort of an old photo, but I love the simple dress and the wonderful cardigan and the amazing boots. Effortless chic…

Ms. Bilson, yet again

Rachel Bilson again. I really like the contrast with her boots and her jeans and oversized sweater. She doesn’t look too mod or too obviously sexy, but I think it’s a really great look. I would change the bag to something different, not necessarily less slouchy, but a shoulder bag, or for evening a large clutch in something dark and shiny.

lovely Chictopia user

Unfortunately I didn’t copy this lovely Chictopia user’s name, so I’m really sorry, but I like the sweater and the shiny leggings, and the shoes. I really wanted some of these leggings until I actually went to try them on and they were so gross. But I like the look a lot, the sort of leather pants. Nice and edgy and rock and roll, which is how I wished I dressed. But now that I’m in Paris that’s changing a little.