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Oh So Beautiful…

I just found the most beautiful shoes… So awesome.  Too bad I don’t have the $1,150 for the pumps or the $1,195 for the boots…  Oh Thakoon…





Wise Mr. Owl

So I’ve been noticing owls everywhere.  I didn’t want to overload you guys, but here are some examples that I liked:


Pretty clutch from Anthropologie


from Forever21, they had a bunch of owl-themed things



French Connection UK, they have a top too.


Marc, my love… the same owl goes on lots of other things, like clutches and rings and wristlets… very adorable (from ShopBop)


So I was browsing Etsy looking for journals, and then jewelry and I found some nice things.

Portobello makes beautiful hair accessories, here’s one I like.

PORTOBELLO Yasmin rhinestone cream fascinator head piece

So here are two cool necklaces from Turtila.  I love the fabric and the wire.  Plus the size, it kind of goes with the statement necklaces that are big right now.

turtila black necklace

Turtila red knot necklace

TheBeside – a great collection of tough jewelry.  The store says they sell “one of a kind proto samples” for the Macha Jewelry brand.

thebeside bracelet

TheBeside Macha necklace

TheBeside black bear tooth necklace

As always, I love the skulls… from MiniCyn

MiniCyn skull it necklace


For me, jewelry tends to be how I make things interesting.  I don’t tend to wear a lot of it, but I do like jewelry so I do some browsing in that department from time to time.

Anthropologie “Meeting Place Hoops” $118


“Pyramid of Fire” $38 from Anthropologie

pyramidoffire 38 anthro

“Toe the Line Hoops” also from Anthropologie $88


Dreamcatcher hoops by Alex and Ani at Shopbop for $78


Colorful Bib necklace from Urban Outfitters


“Skynotes” necklace from Anthropologie $48



I’m a contact lens wearer.  I never wear my glasses, but recently I’m starting to wish I wore them sometimes – when my eyes are tired, when it’s early, when I’m running late.  The problem is that I don’t especially like my glasses (also, there’s something wrong with them so they make me kind of sick if I wear them for too long.).  So I’m in the market for some new glasses.

I’m a fan of the go big or go home school of thought.  I’m not really looking for some discreet frames, I sort of feel like going for the whole hipster nerd glasses.  Here are some inspiration photos:

fabsugarwhitney port

Whitney Port at the airport (from TeamSugar) truly going big or going home – big and pink.


Some thick black frames, standard-issue hipster wear. (from


Again, going big or going home… Fun colors.  (from The Fashion Spot)

madonna and lourdes team sugar

Madonna and Lourdes, apparently wearing the same glasses (fake – no prescription – the line of the cheek is uninterrupted). (from teamsugar)

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So I’ve been looking for a new school bag.  I love my Longchamp bag, it’s great, but everyone has them in Paris, plus it’s brown and I like color.

So I was tempted when I saw this Marc bag on net-a-porter yesterday.

marc-cloudsbut I thought meh, it’s a little too crazy.  Maybe without the cloud patterns or with different colors.

So when I did my daily scan of ShopBop’s new items I was happy to see this:

Unfortunately, it’s in the US and I’m in Paris and shipping and taxes will make the already pricy ($168) bag astronomically expensive for what it is.

It’s pretty though…

I want…

Some inspiration for right now…

Anne Hathaway in Spain

Here’s Anne Hathaway looking lovely and warm. I’m not crazy about the hat but I really like the scarf and the plaid shirt.

The always chic Rachel Bilson

Of course everyone loves Rachel Bilson and this is sort of an old photo, but I love the simple dress and the wonderful cardigan and the amazing boots. Effortless chic…

Ms. Bilson, yet again

Rachel Bilson again. I really like the contrast with her boots and her jeans and oversized sweater. She doesn’t look too mod or too obviously sexy, but I think it’s a really great look. I would change the bag to something different, not necessarily less slouchy, but a shoulder bag, or for evening a large clutch in something dark and shiny.

lovely Chictopia user

Unfortunately I didn’t copy this lovely Chictopia user’s name, so I’m really sorry, but I like the sweater and the shiny leggings, and the shoes. I really wanted some of these leggings until I actually went to try them on and they were so gross. But I like the look a lot, the sort of leather pants. Nice and edgy and rock and roll, which is how I wished I dressed. But now that I’m in Paris that’s changing a little.