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Just a little something

So I saw this link on someone’s blog to Modelina and this video of Canadian model Noot Seear giving a tour of her closet.

I want all of her clothes.

That’s all for now.

Break from fashion

I just wanted to share some other stuff I’ve found recently that has nothing to do with fashion (unless you want to argue that fashion is an art from and that this is kind of about art).

A while back I saw this great short film by Javier Tellez in which he brought a group of blind people to an empty pool in Brooklyn and let them touch an elephant and then describe it to the camera.  It was really awesome, I can’t find it anywhere online though, so you’ll have to keep your eyes out for it.  It’s based on the Indian parable “the blind men and the elephant” and it’s fascinating.

So I clicked on a link on someone’s facebook page today and I got this:

which was fun to watch because elephants are amazing and I can’t paint that well.  (if you search on Youtube there are tons of videos of elephants painting.

Earlier today I saw this on Jezebel and whether or not it’s worth a lot of money, I really like her paintings

I guess what I have to take away from this is that I have to shut down the filter.

Anyway, just wanted to share.


Inauguration fever

Although I am in Paris, I had a wonderful inauguration evening.  I watched it in a crowded Canadian bar full of American students.  It was the quietest I’ve ever heard a crowded bar.

The oath upset me, I already don’t like Justice Roberts, why couldn’t he get it right?  This is one GOOD thing he might do in his career and he flubbed it.

I thought the speech was good, but not as moving as some of his others.

Here’s my post-mortem

Did Obama really sport a bullet-resistant suit? (that was the article I got to following links from other websites, I have no idea if it’s true or not)

The speech Obama gave Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial was also a good one…

My favorite moment (which was actually after the fact):

The first couple’s first dance to Beyonce’s cover of “At Last” (which was really quite good).  I know it’s more of a love song, but I like the double meaning and how happy they look dancing. 

All in all, as exciting as it would have been to be in Washington, I wouldn’t’ve gone down to the Mall, it was waaaay too cold and crowded.  I mean, traffic jams at 5 am?  There’s a much better view from the TV…